About Your Boots


Unlike laced shoes, boots have only the instep to hold it in place on your feet. Accurate and proper fit in the instep is essential. All boots will slip in the heel a small amount when walking due to the way a boot is built and this is normal. However, an instep that is too loose will cause too much slippage in the heel.

Proper choice of toe style and accurate measurements for the ball and length of your foot all prevent discomfort when walking. Getting these measurements correct is critical. For larger shoe/boot sizes, we recommend less pointed toe styles.

New boots usually feel a little snug the first few times you wear them, and that is completely normal and expected. The soles will soon become more flexible and the top quality hand tooled leather tops will become softer and more molded to your foot and leg the more they are worn!

Your new boots are hand crafted true to size from start to finish. If you are able to wear standard full and half shoe sizes (U.S. sizing) off the shelf or ordered online, you shouldn't have any problems ordering your normal size (U.S. sizing) through our shopping cart. If however, you feel you need a more customized fit (high instep, fuller calves, larger ball of the foot, etc) we will custom fit a pair just for you.

If you require a custom fit or need a custom size, please let us know in the comments section seen during the ordering process. We will then contact you to confirm your specifications.

Thank you!
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