Malaquita DesignMalaquita is the result of an extensive and vast collaboration with different Mexican indigenous communities and young Mexican designers and artists with the purpose of preserving artisanal techniques. The idea of this project arises from a desire to boost Mexican design and become an international platform for sustainable and fair trade-based design in our country.

Malachite is a fragile stone that should be carefully worked by experienced craftsmen. It is a natural mineral component found in nature, its beautiful and mesmerizing green color has been inspirational for many artists around the world. This magical semiprecious stone has been carved into ornaments and worn as jewelry charms for thousands of years, and in some ancient civilizations, such as in Mexico; it was thought to be a protection from evil if worn as jewelry.

The symbolism around malachite is intense as it is considered an emotional and spiritual stone that may enlighten, heal and bring abundance and wealth to those who wear it. In ancient cultures, it is known as the connecting bridge between Heaven and Earth.

Malaquita is a collective that represents the idea of combining talented Mexican contemporary artists with craftsmen and craftswomen from indigenous ethnic communities all over Mexico. This project is defined by our close attention to detail and quality, social responsibility and awareness, and by our talented designers who skillfully craft exquisite natural elements. Our line designers gained their inspiration from different charming places, antique folk legends and the stunning natural beauty of Mexico and its colorful history.

By combining traditional art crafts with modern design, Malaquita has created an astonishing furniture line with beautifully crafted finishing touches and elegantly designed materials that will transport you to a magical universe where unique pieces tell stories from the past and enlighten you with ancient wisdom, thus creating a peaceful and natural environment at home.

Malaquita's clothing line is a gift to your senses. Its colorful textures reflect ancient techniques that were passed-on from generation to generation, throughout Mexico's craftwork history by indigenous women and men who believe in a harmonious and loving relationship with nature and our mother Earth. Each piece is unique because local communities that specialize in textile techniques have single-handedly crafted embroideries, weavings and beading work on each one of the beautifully designed pieces.

Malachite is very powerful in aiding with the interpretation and transfer of information that leads to Spiritual Evolution. Our line is filled with meaningful traditions, magical elements and unique and dazzling pieces that are created with love. Just as malachite, these incredible pieces are charms that will bring the magic into your everyday life.

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Malaquita Design